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Sunday, July 24, 2016

July...Slow Down!!!!!!

This month is flying by and it has to stop.....sloooooow down!!!!  I have so many things to get done before back to school!!!!!
If I felt better more things would get done.  I had finally had it at the beginning of this month and went into the emergency department.  Two and a half hours later I was told I had a summer cold/virus that could take up to six weeks to get over!  My temperature was good, blood pressure was good, my lungs sounded clear......I was hinting that I hadn't slept in three weeks and was told research has found that honey is the most effective for coughs.....ummmm  I want something that will knock me out!  LOL  Oh well, I have survived.  
My nighttime cough is gone and I do have a cough here and there during the day....the morning is a clearing time more dry.  But my rib cage is KILLING me!  I'm sure I bruised things when I was coughing's hard to move, cough, sneeze, have hiccups.....I just want to feel 100%!!!!!  I have zero energy........I have an appointment on August 3rd to meet with a new Dr.  I sure hope I am feeling better by then!!!!!
Before he arrived, I had made Jude another quilt.....I wasn't happy with the mess I made quilting his other one so I made this....a Charlie Brown quilt!  LOL  Chevrons always make me think about Charlie Brown and his shirt.  Anyway, because I wasn't getting it quilted I decided to put the binding on the other one and wash seemed to help make the puckers less noticeable and Jenna loved it!  I will finish this one and he can have two although this one is a lot bigger....could be a roll on the floor quilt!

I also finished this UFO.  All it needed were the three borders......these colours are not true in this picture.....they are reproduction prints...civil war?.  I love it!  

Hubby and I headed north last week.  It was a quick trip for his work and even though I did get to see some friends and family there were many I didn't get a chance to see.  I think one day I may have to fly up (the drive is so long!!!) and stay for a bit longer so I can see everyone!  

We arrived on Sunday night and I had asked my Dad if we could have a wiener roast the next night for supper so we did......nothing like a hot dog cooked over an open fire!!!!  Yummmmmm
That Monday I really needed a peaceful, quiet day all to myself.  Dad had meetings and Hubby was working so the dogs and I spent the day outside enjoying the quiet.  Our dogs loved being able to roam free and explore!  I forgot what it's like to be attacked by mosquitos though and had to make sure I was covered in bug spray!
I did manage to visit with Kim, Pam, Erica and do some shopping.  I saw Joanie and Diane at the flower shop/fabric store too.  It was a great few days!!!!

On the way to and from we stopped in to see this little guy and his parents!  Oh he is growing already and is such a sweetheart!!!!!!  Loved the snuggles!!!!

Friday was this little girls 1/2 year birthday!!!  LOL  Six months old already!!!!!!  WOWZERS!!!!  We got to spend most of the day with her yesterday and she cracks me up!  To think Jude will be this age at Christmas!  FUN!!!!!!!!

If you have made it to the end of this long post, I thank you!  I have to make more time to post short posts as things happen!  LOL  Our house is a mess after being away and having Daughter1 here housesitting with her I will get it in order after Hubby goes back to work....laundry day today and I will have to do some grocery shopping!  I stopped into the quilt shop in Blackfalds on the way home and picked up some fun patterns as well as at the fabric section in the flowershop up north.....bought a new layer cake I need to create with too!  There's purging and organizing to do throughout the house and hopefully some relaxing in that hammock!  

Until next time.............

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