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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Month of May

Here we are approaching Mothers Day 2016.  I have vowed not to be down in the dumps this year....we have tomorrow off from work so we have a three day weekend.  Tomorrow Daughter1, Lyla and I will go and see Daughter2s new place; Saturday I booked pedicures for the three of us girls (Lyla not included....but one day!!) and Sunday I plan on spending the day sewing.  IF I start feeling glum, I will go out and maybe do some shopping.....who knows.  I WILL have a nice day!

We have another spray in our's been three years since the flood and one day I looked out and saw this!  Oh I was sooooo happy.......I did chuckle though because the last time I posted about the spray it wasn't long after and we had the flood.  I'm confident that won't be happening this year!  This one is different....shorter, wider (just like me!!) and it is supposed to have lights although these ones are only on for a couple of hours in the middle of the afternoon.....hopefully that gets fixed one day but it doesn't really matter.  The other end of the lake has the same spray although its a different shape (more symmetrical) and the lights are on all day.  It turns on at 8 am and turns off at 10 pm.

I had nice mail again CottonCrates box came and I think these fabrics will come in handy:
Love the extra treats thrown in.  :)

My Dad was here this past weekend and we took the opportunity to have a quick 4 generations photo.  Very casual and not very fancy......
Taken in Lyla's bedroom as her Mommy said it has the best lighting.  hahahaha!!!!  Hubby was taking the pics and finally we had Lyla's daddy take it....first take!

I have one of my all time favourite scented candles burning right now.....gosh, I've had these candles for years and found this brand new one in my candle cupboard.  It was the perfect day to burn it as it was gloomy..but no real rain.  

Son1 and Son2 are building at deck at Son1's house.  Nice to see them working together....Jenna said they aren't even fighting!!  hahaha!  The old one was getting pretty rotten in places and they use it a lot.  Glad the weather is holding out for them to get it done!  

Before I close I have to say how I am thinking of the residents of Fort McMurray and know how they are feeling and what they are going through.  We had water which most of us were able to clean up and renovate from...but fire is a different ball game.  Knowing they are glued to news broadcasts and social media posts looking for any information that will give them even a small clue as to what condition their homes may be in.  Not sleeping because they are remembering all the things they have or may have lost.  Having people tell them "it's only stuff/things" and them trying to convince themselves of that too even though they want to scream "but its OUR stuff!"  I pray for rain and the fire to be put out so these poor people can have answers and know what they are up against and what they need to do to move forward.  I pray this happens soon and they are allowed back in shortly after so they don't have to sit in a camp or hotel or in a relatives home and be frustrated because all you want to do is go home....I will be donating money to the Red Cross as I have heard the federal government will match it and the provincial government will match it so the end result is threefold. My heart aches for these people....

Now so I don't end on a sad note, here are pics of my fur babies, Lyla and her fur babies:

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