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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lots Of Post #1

Almost a month....since my last post...again!  *Sigh.......  I have a lot of pictures so will break them up into two posts.  :)

First off, I survived Mothers Day!!  I didn't cry or feel bad too much...I didn't allow myself to feel too crappy.  My girls and I went for lunch on Saturday before our pedicures.  Oh I love a good pedicure....that massage!!!!!!  Heaven!!!!
Of course I thought about my Mom........and I did miss her but honestly, she would kick my a$$ if she knew my day was ruined because of me missing her to the point of extreme I held it together.....this year.  On May long, Son1 and Jenna gave me a card with a $50 gift card to Michaels.  Last Thursday their decor items were on sale for 50% day I bought the HOME sign and red metal chalkboard.  When I cleaned I felt it was time to change up the mantle.  Again, pretty sparse but I like it.  :)

Son1 and Son2 got the deck done!  I'm sure it is being enjoyed!  

The furniture we had in our basement had been destroyed by Daughter2s cats.  Every time I walked by them it made me so mad!  I follow several buy and sell sites on Facebook and happened upon a sectional for $150.  Well, I went for it!  LOL  It's not perfect and it needed a good clean but it's comfortable and Daughter2 and her cats now have the old furniture!  (except the couch that wouldn't fit in her condo.....someone else is enjoying that!)

I need new curtains but I'll find some in time.  :)

Oh hey.....I found my sewing mojo!  More in Post #2!!

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