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Friday, April 22, 2016

Rain...Will It Happen?

"They" are predicting rain for this weekend and continuing into next week.  I wonder if it will happen?  We need it!  We drove by a grass fire being put out on the way to Calgary this afternoon.  The rain will make for a lovely sewing weekend.........that's my plan!

These beauties are in full force and I swear they are bigger this year.  I LOVE the colour of them.  I had to take a picture on my way to work one morning because unfortunately they don't last very long.  

One of my little guys had this stuffy attached to his belt loop the other had a hole and he wanted tape!  LOL  Well, I found a (big fat) needle and some thread in the office and stitched it back up.  The things we don't do for our students!  hahaha!  

Well our Lyla is three months old today.......already!!!  She's smiling a lot, cooing (<3)!!!!  

She's cooing in this picture her Mommy said!  Those lips!!!!!!  <3

Life is good......Hubby is home Monday night and Son2 might be home soon.  Now if we can get a few days of nice rain.....ahhhh perfect!  And baby cuddles.........uninterrupted sewing time........

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Awww. Thanks for doing that Jane. As a mom of a not so little boy now, who loves his stuffies that must have been the "best" for the little chap ☺