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Friday, April 15, 2016

April Showers....Are Needed!

Good day!  I'm still here and alive!  I survived my busy Easter week off.  The visit with my brother and sister-in-law was awesome despite my bad cold (see I knew it was a nasty one!).  Nothing Buckley's couldn't take care of most of the time!  They got to meet Lyla and we just had a good time catching up.

They arrived Friday night and left Tuesday around noon.  After they left I cleaned the house and washed bedding.  Wednesday I met a friend for coffee and a visit up town and just relaxed.  Thursday afternoon Daughter2 and I were off north for her hockey tournament.  They did well, winning Bronze, but that meant we weren't home until late Sunday the next day and Hubby was home Monday night.  We have today off for a PD day and I am babysitting!!  It seemed like a long short week!  

After cuddles today my plan is to try really hard to get any interest back in spending time in my sewing room as I have another baby quilt to make from a kit I bought at Lori's Country Cottage in Sherwood Park.  I'm worried......I truly cannot get into sewing again.  My instagram is full of quilty pictures of quilters I follow.....nothing.  I follow so many quilty blogs and people are making adorable things....nothing.  Any of you quilters out there have any suggestions on what I can do to get my mojo back??????????  I need my bff Kim here to have a sewing weekend!  Wish we weren't so far away....she would get me motivated again and we would have some GOOD laughs too!!!!!!!  *sigh*  Oh well.  Maybe if I rearrange and do more purging.........hahaha....I have threatened to get rid of everything......well, only I would be threatened by that! 

I have signed up to receive fat quarters every month (why?????) from Cotton Crates.
The first ones I received are so not my don't know what line of fabric they are going to send each month and I was hoping I was still in soon enough to get Lori Holt's new line but that was the previous month.  With this membership you also get about 5 free patterns throughout the month.  We will see how long I stayed signed up........;)

Work is going's a busy year for me this year.  I'm honoured they think I can handle two kids at once and it sure makes the days goes quickly....but it poops me out!  I'm no spring chicken and if I dropped even 20 lbs it would help.  I have to start working on that too.  But it's kind of the countdown to the end of June....which is also the countdown the the new grand baby!  Yikes!!!  and Yippee all at once!

Dandelions are out, perennials are coming up and everything is turning green!  Saw this little girl on the playground this week.....she's been busy!!  We sure do need rain though....but I am careful what I wish for around here....Monsoon June is just around the corner and I'll be wishing for it to stop!

Well, little Lyla Bean is down for a nap so I'm off to get some laundry done.  I'll leave you with a couple of pictures so you can see how blessed I am.  :o)

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Kathy said...

Good Luck getting your mojo back Jane!!! The cotton crate idea sounds kinda fun!