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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Twenty Eight Years

Yesterday Hubby and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary.....well, we didn't really celebrate it as he is up north working but we would have if he was home.  :)  Twenty eight years....where has that time gone?  I guess it was made up of having kids, raising kids, great times, not so great times, crappy economy, family members passing, moving, renovating, moving again, surviving natural disasters, and currently enjoying the first grand baby.  Those things would make the time fly past quickly I suppose.  I think of young married couples today and the struggles they have, not unlike what we have gone through.  There will always be arguments....about money, about kids, kids' drama, money again.....but I think if you care enough and can get through it all, it's worth it.  When I was dating Hubby I didn't think I could love him anymore than I did at that time....boy was I wrong!  When you grow with a man who you see as a great dad, wonderful provider and loving husband...well, THAT is love!  It seems easy these days to separate and divorce.  We didn't struggle with infidelity or abuse.  I'm not sure how those things would have been to get I suppose in some cases there is no choice but to end a marriage.  But financial struggles, jobs, and kids are pretty much the norm, for us anyway.  We made it through.....and I'm sure there will always be arguments but they are fewer and farther between now.  There will always be struggles but we have proven that we are strong enough to survive them.  I'm hoping we can continue to grow old together..........

Hey I spent most of the day in my sewing room yesterday!  I had full intentions of starting an OLD project I had tucked away.....involved piecing, embroidery......but ended up starting something entirely different!  I'm making a table runner using a charm pack I bought at Lori's Country Cottage a couple of weekends ago.  Here is a picture of things all laid out on the linen background.  I have since pinned things down and have managed to sew one dresden plate to the background with my machine.  

The colours in the picture are not accurate.  The centre circles are wool....I figure this will never be washed being on linen so the wool was the easiest to stitch down!  I am still not sure how I will finish it....backing? quilting?  But it's a start.  Did I find my mojo?  Not sure really.....but I sure was enjoying the music I was playing while sewing!  Good thing my windows are quite high!  LOL!!!!  It did feel good to be productive.....but now I have to finish it!  Daughter2 and I are going to look for fabric for her today....she wants to cover some canvasses....Fabricland has a 40% off sale right now but we are popping into a quilt shop first.  ;)  Best go get ready for the day!!

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Kathy said...

What a beautiful post Jane. Wishing you continued happiness. Big hugs.