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Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break!!!!

Spring break has officially started and I really feel the need for some relaxation!!!  I had some around-the-house plans but then my sister in law text me Wednesday and they are coming down for a visit.  She has never been here and my brother had only popped in one time while doing some lessons for his pilots license.  They haven't met their great niece yet either so we are looking forward to their visit.  I have caught a cold that has the potential to turn nasty (a person can always tell right?) but I hope I am wrong about that!  Daughter2 has a hockey tournament outside of Edmonton next weekend so I need to be healthy!  The purging will likely have to wait until summer holidays as we don't get another break now before then.

Weird, weird weather late yesterday afternoon......I heard thunder and saw dark clouds to the west.  They seemed to be going south and east and it looked as though they were missing us.  Then I heard thunder again and it started hailing! Then more thunder and snow....strange with a capital 'S'!  We have white on the ground but it's to be +6 today so it won't stick around long.  We do need the moisture!

I haven't stitched on the 4 blocks I had prepared while Hubby was home last week for the Lori Holt Bloom quilt and now another one was out on Monday.  Maybe next week that is something I can accomplish!

Baby Lyla is growing like a weed and will smile at Grandma!!!!  My daughter took a 2 Month photo and you can sure tell she's filled out in a month.  Not the most flattering I'll post a couple more. ;-)

Auntie J getting some snuggles!

Grandpa babysat while Mommy and I went to have our nails done.

Daughter2 and the Titans fought hard but lost to the Fort Saskatchewan Flury this past weekend.  They won Saturday which made Easter supper plans change as they had to play Sunday afternoon.  It was a good game but they lost in the end.

And I'll end this post with a picture of my little Leprechaun.  I had the hat to wear to school and hadn't put it thing I know I am called around the corner to see this!
Oh this man makes me laugh!!

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Kathy said...

Awwww. Baby looks so happy. Happy Easter to you all. Next time you are in Edmonton let me know ☺