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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Sooooo time flies when you're having fun...or ignoring your blog!  This working mornings is cutting into my blogging time!  I used to either write in the morning or later at night when I went to bed and now I go right to sleep when I hit my pillow and have to get ready in the mornings....but enough excuses!

Spring...well almost.  Friday is the official first day and besides the dump of snow we got Sunday it had pretty much arrived here....but it IS Alberta and things can change...just wait 5 minutes!  Hyacinth is one of my favorite spring time flowers.....and it's all because of the scent.  Ahhhhhh!  
This has long since bloomed and is done and I currently have tulips and daffodils in vases but notice 
the tin?  Both my grandfather and my dad were beekeepers.  This is one of my grandpas honey 
tins....the stamp has faded and they spelled his last name with only one "t" but I cherish it.  I have a few of them but not my dad's.  I think it's because his were in plastic pails not tin ones...too bad.

Hubby was home last week.  When he was on his last week off we had gone to Costco and saw a work bench with some storage but it was a day or two before he had to leave and he didn't feel like putting it together we left it and as in true Costco fashion, they no longer had those work benches on his days off this time!  So he found a good, solid shelving unit and made his own 
work bench complete with power and a true electrician fashion!!  Doesn't he look proud?  
Hahaha! (Don't worry about the guns being out in the open....they were from the flood and are no 
longer in working order)

Yesterday was St Patricks Day and that was the chalkboard message on my mantle....the hand tattoo shows the perks of working in a Junior Kindergarten class! (Ignore the fat, wrinkly hand!!!)

But this week wasn't all about luck.....I have vowed never to drive on a Monday ever again! (For as long as I can help it!). This was Hubby's truck #2 that I drove to the quilt shop to have coffee with Mavis.....drove right into a sinkhole of sorts.  No damage to the truck (thank God!!!!  My other vehicle is at the auto body shop right now).  Scared the beejeezus out of me that's for sure!!!!!  The town was there repairing it before I finished my coffee and visit!

Another perk to working with little ones is catching germs.....I'm sitting here right now drinking tea with a headache, a bit of a fever and the start of a sore throat! Yippee.........not!


Kathy said...

WOW! That is a deep pot hole even for Edmonton standards!

Margaret Macpherson said...

Glad you're back. Missed you. You need a 4 leaf clover for luck when you drive!
Keep creating and stay well.

Jane said...

Thanks Pegs! I sure do need a four leaf clover!!!!!!! 😉🍀