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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jobs...and Binding

I mentioned in my last post about a job interview.....well, "backing the bus up", today was the wedding of a son of our friends up north.  Son2 is the bestman.  My intentions were to go up with my Ms Morgan (hairdresser) and her boyfriend (brother of the groom) Wednesday and come back here with them on Monday.  Well, last week I applied for a job as a nanny here in High River....two small!  Only three days a week so I thought a great way to re-enter the work force.  When I heard from the Mom, my interview was to be on Thursday.  Morgan and Jesse had to be up north in time to decorate Thursday so I decided I would drive myself.....then the weather changed and they were to get a ton of snow! (And they did!). So driving was becoming out of the question.  Wednesday Nanny Job Mom messaged me and asked if Friday worked as the little boy had a Dr appointment Thursday morning.  Sure, Friday would work!  In the meantime I hear about a job at a school in the area for an Educational Assistant for a three year old girl......four mornings a week.  Hmmmmm.  That sounded like fun too!!!  I'd love to get back into a school and maybe one day, once I had my foot in the door, I could get more hours.  Thursday night (11:30) I get an email from Nanny Job Mom saying they had more Dr appointments Friday morning and could we postpone the interview until after they get back from vacation....the end of February. I emailed back and said I hoped everyone was okay and just to let her know, I applied for another job as well and I would keep her posted.  She called my cell phone Friday morning (I need a new phone as this old one isn't holding a charge so I missed her call) and apologized and explained what was going on.  LONG (LONG) story short.....I hope to be an EA by the end of the month but if not, I may be a nanny!  Hahahaha!  AND I could have gone up to the wedding on Wednesday!!!!!!!  :-(  Hubby is representing us and making an appearance tonight for a bit.  I can't wait to see pictures!

Last night my neighbor Deb asked if I wanted to go to Lethbridge for supper.  Her son works as a bartender at The Keg and she wanted to surprise off we went!  FIVE semi's were on their side in the ditch, blown over by the wind!  We didn't see any of them as they occurred but the wind was wild!!!!!  We got there with no problems, had a yummy supper, a bit of a visit with her son then home.  This morning she got me out for our long walk and then I came in and putzed around.  I decided to finish stitching the binding on a quilt I just had quilted....and tah dah, it's done!  Sorry for the bad picture/lighting!
Who's it for?  No clue!  Loved the fabric and the pattern!!  Fun to do and Kim did a great job quilting it!!  A finish.  Tomorrow Daughter2 has a hockey game in Calgary and I'm meeting up with Chris and Willi!  Yippee!!!!!!!  Go Warriors!

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Kathy said...

Wow! That sounds fun, the four hours would still give you time to quilt! Driving last week here was an event so good choice on the staying home☺ Snowing again today....