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Friday, February 6, 2015

It's Friday!

Lol. Not that it means much to me....I'm excited for the people who work Monday -Friday and are preparing to enjoy the weekend!  I was to have a job interview today but it was postponed.......more on that another time.

Yesterday I wanted to get my Live Simply February hanging done and I did!  I re-decorated my entryway and took the frame down so I really need to find a new spot for it.
I don't know why I delay making these things....they are simple and quick and I could easily finish one in a day.  March is a nice one and so is April so I should prepare them for stitching.

Northern Alberta is getting dumped on with snow......we have wind warnings here for today and it's to get up to PLUS 11......this is what it looks like now:
Not crazy cold but very could feel the moisture in the air last night while Deb and I were walking.  But +11?  Nothing surprises me in the weather department down here.......but.....  I'll keep you posted!


Kathy said...

Wowsers! +11. Love the Buttermilk Basic projects. Should go make my sheep....

Jane said...

Didn't get close to +11 Kathy.....try -6C! LOL!
Can't wait to see your sheep!! 😉