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Monday, July 31, 2017

Grandparenting, a Furball and Some Work on the Weekend!

Good Monday morning!  Well, afternoon now I guess.  I'm still in my pjs....had a late start to my day and one has to clean in their pjs or it's just not right!  LOLOL!

Haven't accomplished much as far as the house goes.....Thursday I went to pick up Miss Lyla from High River.  I made a day of it and stopped to do some shopping in Okotoks (I had gift certificates to use up!)  I stopped at the thrift store and found these 'vintage' goodies!  Who can pass up vintage Tupperware?  I remember my Mom having the sugar bowl.  It is now washed and filled with sugar in my cupboard!  I keep my sugar in a big (new) Tupperware container and when a recipe calls for a tsp it was a pain!  Now I am all set!!  The little pitcher is so cute!!!!!  I'm sure I will find a use for that too!  Had a nice lunch and visit with my friend Sue as well.  Not sure how often I will get back there's not too far I guess!  

So this little monkey came and stayed with us for the weekend.  She kept us on our toes!  She slept in every morning......not up at her usual 5:30 am which I was thankful for!  Saturday she spent the day with her other grandparents who have a lake lot about 15 minutes from us!  Hubby and I got a lot of things done around here while she was there having a blast!

On Thursday I also picked up this furry thing!  Twix will be living with us now....she is 10 or 11 months old (Daughter2 couldn't remember!) and is so small!!!!!!!  And skinny!  I don't know if her dogs ate all this cats food or what???  Of course WE have to have her spayed!  That will be done soon!!!!  I'll let her get used to the place first.  She is my shadow today!

My electrician!  LOL  He worked very hard in the basement this weekend.  Tonight we will rip up the carpet here on the main floor and flooring should be installed starting tomorrow....I hope!  Shouldn't take too long (fingers crossed!!!)  

Here is Son1 on the weekend with my other little monkey!!!  I am hoping they decide to come down on the weekend!!!!!!!!  (not on the motorcycle!!!!)

Driving her home to her new place yesterday.  She didn't sleep a wink and Grammy should have sat back there with her......I don't know how many times I had to contort my body to grab a water bottle or something else she dropped!!!  Papa was driving!!

Lyla LOVES rocks and of course with having a gravel driveway it provides hours of entertainment.....I asked her if I could have this one though.......thinking of you Erica!  <3  

Hope to have some progress pictures on my next post!!!!!  Have a great week all!!!!!

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