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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

So Much To Do....and I Need Motivation!!!

It's so hard to believe we got possession of this new place three weeks ago today!  It was a hot sunny day and we would be unloading the U-Haul truck and trailer right now.  A flurry of activity!  Today is I sit in the sunroom with my lap top and coffee.  Not a sound to be had.  :o)  I have so so so many things I could be doing....and I know that all of a sudden I will be kicking myself for not getting these jobs done!  Painting....I have so much painting to do.  I know I should be painting the living room while the old carpet is there but I can't decide on a colour.....I think it will be easier when the floors are done.  But I have three bedrooms and a bathroom I could be doing now!!!  I may have colours picked out for them.......I need to get the painting done up here so that when the basement is done (more painting down there later) I will be able to organize my sewing/craft stuff and I will want to get busy doing those kinds of things instead!

On Saturday I headed into High River, bright and early, to grandparent this little monkey!!!  Here she is telling the dogs to "shhhhhh".  Her and her parents will be moving closer on the north it will take an hour off the commute!  We get to bring her here for the weekend to keep her out of the way.....and it will be so much more fun here for her!  Just have to figure out when to get there to pick her up.  I thought nothing of a two hour drive years ago....but now!  LOL!  

While in High River I went to Chinook Fabrics' Christmas in July sale....and to have a quick visit with Mavis.  Then I stopped by my friend and former neighbour Deb's house....she is packing for her move next week!  It was weird to drive by our old house and not park in the driveway!  LOL  

This dog is in her glory.  Every day she is outside roaming around.....looking for squirrels!  I have seen her sit at the base of a tree watching (and listening to a squirrel chirp at her) for a long, long time!!!  She must think she sees/hears something here as she is ready to pounce!!!!

It's funny how you can tell by her personality how much happier she is here.  Likely because she can roam and also because her Dad is home every night.  I think all the dogs are happier!  I'm happier because it took me maybe an hour to clean the house yesterday!!  (as opposed to 3 at the old house!)  I'm happier because it's so quiet and peaceful here.  I'm happier because Hubby is home every night.  But I think it could get lonely if I don't get myself busy.  Talking to dogs all day is okay but......hahaha!  Thank goodness for the internet and text messages and emails!  Again, I do have enough things to keep me busy.....I just have to start!  Off I go!!!!!!

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