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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our Visitors

Last weekend we had visitors!!!!  Jenna and Jude came down for a visit!  How lucky we are to have a daughter-in-law (not official yet!) who is comfortable enough to come down to visit without our son.   These two had a couple of visits.  It's funny what a difference 5 months makes in that first year but they are both growing and changing sooooooo much!!!!! 

We all went to the 30th Annual Santa Claus Parade here in town!  Here is the big guy!!!  Jude slept through a lot of it (all tucked in and cozy warm in his stroller) but Lyla loved the lights and music!  The wind was chilly so we headed for home right after Santa passed by!  

This little girl was hamming it up for her Mommy!  Getting ready to go have pics done by a photographer.....she didn't smile much once she got there apparently!  hahaha  Typical!

And this little dude turned five months old this month!!!!!  He has smiles for everyone!!!

My friend Sue came over for a sewing day this week.  We both worked on the same pattern....a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop  Jelly Roll Twist pattern

I finished mine today....I wanted to add borders to make it a bit larger.  SIMPLE FAST FUN!!  Especially when sewing with a friend!

Can you believe there are only two weeks until Christmas??  I don't have our trees up and decorated and I have nothing wrapped....I still have a couple of gifts to get always gets done so I won't panic!  We've had cold temperatures here....all of Alberta staying inside at home where it's warm really appeals to me!  No excuse not to get the trees done or wrapping!  Ahhhh this coming week it will get done for sure!!  I will need some time to relax and have quiet time before our home is filled with family!!  <3 

Health update:  My Dr appointment with the radiology oncologist went well.  I am going to be part of a study.  My biopsy slides will be tested for something (??) and if the levels are low I will only have to be monitored twice a year for 2 years then annually for 3 years.  I would be part of the study for 10 years!  NO radiation!!  Whoo hoo!  If the levels are high I will need radiation but there are a few options.....1) the usual, whole breast radiation for 3 1/2 weeks.  2) Radiation that focuses on the area only for 5 days OR 3) day surgery where they implant radiation seeds.  The surgery appeals to me the most out of those options but NO radiation is what I am hoping for!!!  All because my cancer was caught quickly and was so tiny!   I haven't been contacted by the study group yet....hopefully soon.  Continued or new prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated.  :o)  Thanks to all who have been along with me on this journey so far!!  Words cannot express how much you are appreciated.  <3

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