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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas!

The Fireplace channel is on the air!!  You know that's a sign Christmas is coming!!  I have done some Christmas decorating but the trees aren't up yet.  I have the radio station on that plays Christmas music all day....I am almost done my shopping but need to do my wrapping (yuck) and check my list again!  

Here is one of my winter volunteer jobs!  I play music and do the score sheet for Daughter2's hockey games.....this game didn't end well for her....lets just say we won't have to go to the teams game this coming weekend!  She needs to suppress her frustration with the officiating!  I think it must be Dad spent some time in the penalty box in his day!! 

This was my view this morning.....we have no snow (but we are expecting some and it is now clouding over) but it was -12C this morning and this is beautiful!  Of course the frost is now gone...but it was nice while it lasted.

Son1, Son2, Jenna and Jude are coming down this weekend!  Whoooo hooooo Grandson cuddles!!!!  Our town has it's BIG Santa Claus parade on Friday so he is coming for that.  It will be a fun weekend!

Then my consult appointment on Monday where I will finally find out what is next....maybe, just maybe I can plan my life....especially on the work front!  Fingers crossed!!!!

Last day today that our house is on the market....ONE viewing in 90 days!  We will try again in the new year.  Maybe then things will be better on the realty front.....who knows.  
What is meant to happen will.

Oh I see some tiny flakes coming down!!  Not that I want snow.......tee hee!

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