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Friday, January 8, 2016


A full week of work....the week after Christmas vacation and messed up schedules and over!  I think it was a tough week not only for staff but for the kids too!  I'm sure next week will be better and my energy level will increase!  It's been cold here especially today!  Foggy, frosty and -22C right now, which for down here in southern Alberta is chilly!  It isn't supposed to stay, which is typical, thank goodness!  I walked to work this morning and I managed okay but got a ride from a co-worker after work.  I'm surprised this little monkey went outside!

Oh yes, and yesterday we got a ton of snow!  The driveway was shoveled 4 times.  I did our neighbors too as I don't think they are home and nothing says "no one is here!" like an uncleared driveway after a good dump of snow!  Hubby is home again on Monday so he will likely get the quad out and clear the street unless it's melted by then!  Hahaha! (We are to get to above 0 by Tuesday!)

I was trying to motivate myself to get something, anything, done in my sewing room this afternoon.  I went up, turned the fireplace on, had a coffee and there I sat.  Cleaned out my sewing machine and changed the needle, and sat some more.  Nothing accomplished!  I can't find my quilting/sewing mo-jo!!!!!!

I hung up my new calendar the other day:


No hockey this weekend so I need to get something grandbaby yet either!!!!!!!  It will arrive when it's ready!  I can't wait!  

Okay, I will end this boring post!  Maybe I will have something exciting to show you soon! 


Sue said...

Even colder today, brave little Pixie!
love the mug 😂😂😂

Jane said...

Oops! Forgot to give the gifter credit! Thank you Sue for my mug. Even though it says Merry Christmas all over the back I will enjoy it all winter long! LOLOLOL!!!!

Kathy said...

Happy New Year Jane. Just checking to see baby status ☺

Jane said...

Nothing to report yet Kathy!!!!! :-)