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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On The Move!

Just taking a moment to write an update.  I laughed at my previous post about renting! That idea didn't last too long.  We had decided to go north of Calgary to look at houses...Didsbury or Olds, as it would be half way for the kids to come and see us and Hubby would be able to come home every night from work.  When doing a property search an acreage came up even though I hadn't ticked the acreage box.  (was someone sending this to us???) We had arranged with a realtor to look at places and added the acreage to the list......long story short, the acreage will be our new home!  Here is a google earth picture of's the one on the far one...nice straight driveway.  Wish I knew how to circle  it!!!  There are two garages/shops on the property and Hubby is beyond happy about that!  The house is a little bungalow....when I say little, I mean little.  We will be going from over 3000 square feet to just over 1000 square feet!  But the area is so peaceful and quiet and everything is immaculate!!!!  An older Ukrainian couple own it and you could seriously eat off the unfinished basement floor!  This place is about 35-40 minutes from Hubby's work so he is also looking forward to coming home every night and sleeping in his own bed!  

I have been packing like crazy because we get possession of the new place July 4th (but they are letting us in early...likely this weekend)  I know I am packing waaaaaay too much stuff!  I had a garage sale last Saturday and got rid of some stuff but still have a ton leftover to be donated.  This picture is a tip of the packing iceberg!

Daughter1 has taken the week off to help me pack and this little munchkin goes to daycare and then comes for supper.  I will miss these impromptu visits but will have to make the most of long weekend visits!!!

Son2 is coming tomorrow and then Son1, Jenna and this cutie patootie are coming on Friday!  Can't wait to see this little walking machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So things are falling into place.......I hope.  Have to get to the lawyers to sign papers soon.  I met the buyers of our house the other day.  Super nice couple with three kiddos.  They will liven up the neighbourhood for sure!!  

Well, off to get ready for the day.....Daughter1 will be here soon!  

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Kathy said...

Congrats Jane!!! Now you will be close to two awesome quilt shops too!