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Sunday, February 21, 2016

And It's Gone!!!!

My week off is over and I didn't accomplished a thing I had planned on doing!  Well, lots of baby cuddles which was pretty darn great!  But not a stitch was made, except to mend Son2s coat, no purging the storage space but I did put all my snowmen decor away so the house seems nice and empty and fresh.  Here's my current (boring) mantle:

So Son2 had some time off work and arrived Tuesday and left Saturday morning. He was able to meet his niece for the first time:

I had the gals here stitching on Wednesday was my turn!

Friday it was this little girls birthday....she turned 5!

Also on Friday my Dad arrived....he had meetings in Calgary so before heading home to my place we visited his great granddaughter:

Saturday Daughter2 had a home game....they won but look at the difference in the shots!!  We should of had 50 goals!  It is a best of three series and our girls won again today so onto the next series!

Now today Dad went antiquing so I flew around the house and cleaned.  I had to get him to the airport by 6:30 and once I was home, relaxed and enjoyed the quiet, although it seemed a bit odd! Back to work tomorrow.........that week flew by so fast!  In a month we will get another 10 days off for Easter break!  I wonder if I will get anything done then? Hubby is home tomorrow so I know I won't get anything done this week either.

Here's a funny little picture my daughter sent of Lyla.....hahahahaha!


Sue said...

Oh My Goodness LOL, you certainly caught me and Deb off guard lol! look at Lyla looking at Great Granddad..... She has him twisted round her little finger!

Kathy said...

Awwww. Very cute. Like you I got NOTHING done on my days off. Now, if only I could have extended it into this week there might have been some productivity ☺ Can't wait for spring break either.