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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Day In The Life....

Well, life is pretty, sleep, repeat!  Love getting baby pictures from my daughter daily but even better when I get baby snuggles!  Baby Lyla is being a bit cranky lately.  Daughter2 is introducing formula and I think the adjustment is causing some gas.  I hope it gets straightened out soon.  To help out (and win a Best Grandma award tee hee) I offered to watch the sweet girl for a few hours next week while I am off work....well, it was then suggested I have her for a sleepover!!!!  I remember our first born being a colicky baby....we lived in Calgary and my mom was 7 1/2 hours away so there was no relief for me.  I would have given anything to have a few hours of sleep...or at least quiet!!!  So I am going to brave this challenge!!!  How bad can it be??? Mommy is only a short 1 hour drive away and I'm a veteran at this!  You know a new mom is sleep deprived when she jokes that maybe I could adopt Lyla for a year and then they will take her back!  Hahaha!  But who could get upset with this face????

This last one as taken tonight after I worked my magic....although it didn't last too long!  Apparently she fell asleep soon after her and Mommy left for home.  :-)

Grandpa finally got to meet her this week.....I'd say he was a wee bit proud!

Next week is a break for us at the school.. Teachers still have convention and a PD day but we get the whole week off!  I plan on sewing, organizing/purging our storage space and getting in more baby cuddles!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to the time off!  The weather has been amazing...I sure hope it stays!

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Sue said...

Beautiful, can't wait until the next visit :o)