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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Week Off!!!!

Finally our February break!  We don't get a week off from work every month although parents likely feel as though we do!  This one couldn't come quick enough!  Not sure if it's the time of year or what but we were all counting down!  I'm sure it was because of the crazy cold weather and tons of snow!  Hubby went up north to go ski-dooing this past weekend (when my break officially started) but my dad came down to visit and Daughter2 and Lyla came out Saturday too.  Hubby came home Sunday (with a nasty cold) and had yesterday off of work because of the Family Day holiday and Dad left yesterday morning after breakfast so I feel as though my time off has only just started today!  I have a lot on the to-do list but here I sit in the sunroom writing this blog post....I should grab another coffee!

Here is the kitty block I mentioned in my last post.  Number 2 has come out and I will get that prepped and hopefully stitched this week so I can stay caught up. I love them!!!!  I think they are going to make an adorable quilt!!

So the weekend before this past one I had company....remember Son2 was coming down to go to see a comedian with his sisters?  Well they came out Saturday and Daughter2 brought dogs.  Reggie, with the BIG stick is her bfs.  He has so much energy and destroys our dogs toys in a single chew!  When we were outside this is what he found to play with!  Not a stick..a BRANCH!!!  😃hahahaha

This is Gordon, my daughters dog.....a stick more suited to his size!   

And of course Lyla who loves it outside!! 💗

Here she is with her Uncle.....he's her "homie"!  Took all weekend to come and sit on his lap though!  It takes her a long time to get close to someone she doesn't see all the time....she never did with my dad  😞

My wonderful friend Pam sent me my Dishcloth of the Month for February.  💝Soooooooo cute!!!!  I've been using it and it's in the wash today.  I look forward to them!!!!!

Okay, enough sitting.  I must get moving and get the chores crossed off my list so I have time to "play" this week!