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Sunday, January 21, 2018

What a Wonderful World.....

It is a beautiful sunny, warm day here in the country.  Son2 just left for home...he was here for the weekend.  We see him often now that we are only a couple of hours away which I love.  🙂 Hubby has gone off to get a few groceries and dog food.  They went out for breakfast this morning and while they were gone I cleaned the house!  (I LOVE this tiny house!!!)  I also put laundry away that I had washed yesterday and washed towels and bedding....all done before noon!  Sunday a day of rest????  Not for me today......until now.  I am sitting in our sunroom, basking in the sun rays and feeling very content.

Tomorrow is officially our granddaughters 2nd birthday and she had her party yesterday so we drove into Calgary to partake in the festivities!  Afterwards Hubby, Son2 and I went to Red Lobster....a treat we won't do often as I spent a weeks worth of groceries for that meal but everyone enjoyed it so that's all that matters.  Definition of a TREAT:  "something very pleasant and enjoyable"!  😏

Me and my birthday girl!!

The collage Daughter2 did for her FB post tomorrow....oh they grow and change so much in only 2 years!!!!!

The apron I made her as she received a play kitchen for her birthday....and it was full of accessories by the end of the party!!  😃

Son1 took our grandson for a (pretend) skate last weekend.  He scooted him around the ice on his boots and he loved it!  I'm sure he will have him skating by next winter....he will be 2 1/2.

I miss this little man and will be heading up for a visit very soon!

I haven't been doing much sewing.....I still haven't found that mojo!  But I have been stitching a bit and made myself a new pressing mat for my big table I decided to unfold and use!  Why have it if I am not using it right?????  It's a little squishy going around each end but I know I will love the bigger space for pressing AND cutting!  

I stitched the first block in a mystery by Sew Blessed.  The Mystery BOM is called Faith, Family, Friends and I believe is available for free on the Wool Appliqué group on the files....until the next one comes out.  You can order kits from their website  I did mine on a wool background and I think it should have been flannel so will do that for the next ones.

I am part of American Patchwork and Quiltings FB group and they have a UFO challenge.  The project I am supposed to complete this month is my trucks and trees wool table-mat and I have been making progress!  I would be happy to finish in the next week and a half!  👍  We were to make a list of 12 UFOs (Lord knows I have waaaaaay more than that!) which we wanted to complete this year.  Numbered 1 - 12 they chose a number at the beginning of the month and that is the project we are to complete.  We will see.......maybe I will have a great year finishing 12 projects!!  Now, as long as I don't start 12 more!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  😆

Off to stitch!  I hope anyone reading this is enjoying their day and here's to a great week ahead!