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Friday, August 21, 2015

Gonna Be A Grandma!

Life can sometimes be mundane and almost boring.  Not long ago I was hoping for look forward to or get excited about.  I knew opening a business wasn't going to happen (I will never get my quilt shop unless we win a lotto!), I debated going back to school or taking online courses towards a degree in something (very expensive and couldn't find anything I was passionate about).  Then life can throw something at you that shocks you and then you realize "this is it!"  This is something to look forward to, get excited about.  Completely unexpected, my daughter announced she is expecting.  The daughter who swore she was never having kids.  As a parent, I worry about the struggles she may face but right now, we are excited!  

They had an ultrasound today and were told the baby is a girl.  This makes it so real:

My baby is going to have a 💗💗💗

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Quilty Few Days!!

It's been a wonderful weekend...well, starting Thursday.
My best pal Kim flew in from up north for a super quick visit.....we decided she needed to stay longer next time!  But we had the best visit!!!!!!!  Wish we lived closer....we could get into all sorts of trouble then!  Tee hee!  She arrived Thursday afternoon and we went to the quilt shop here and then the farmers market.  Once home we talked and talked and talked!  Awesome!!!!!!!!  The next day we sewed!  (After talking and talking and talking!). About 10 years ago, Kim taught a Buggy Barn course which I attended.  But I was only half there as it was in the same school that a Highschool badminton tournament was going on and my two boys were in it and they were playing together. (Badminton is important in my life....that's how I met Hubby!). Anyway, I would sew for a bit then leave to watch the boys.  Needless to say my Buggy Barn project became a UFO.  Before Kim got here she vowed to give me help on that project so I could get it done!
 Well done it is!!!!!!!!!!  I finished it yesterday and even the binding and backing are ready to go to her......Kim is my long arm quilter!

I sent FOUR projects with her this time and now have another one ready.  It was so sad dropping her off at the airport Friday night....and when I got home the house was soooo quiet.  :-(. She could have stayed a week and we still wouldn't have run out of things to talk about!  More visits are being I'm happy!!

Adding to the Quilty goodness of the weekend, my friend/neighbor Deb and I went to Okotoks yesterday to the quilt stroll and classic car show.  There weren't as many quilts as I thought there would be but we had a nice afternoon nonetheless.

Today I will do some cleaning and maybe get the grass cut this afternoon although we might get more rain.  It's cooled off considerably!!!!!  Hmmmmm fall is in the air??  I pooped out my little helper again last night in my sewing room!!  Hahaha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lots of Pics!

When a person (me), doesn't post to a blog (mine) on a regular basis, a person (me) tends to have a collection of pictures they want to share.  So here we go!!

I was a bit obsessed with an Okotoks Buy and Sell page on Facebook.  I came across a post for some old trunks and since I was obsessed and pounced on it, went out to pick them up.  My plan is to repurpose them.....somehow.  

So when my dad called, and asked if I had leftovers, on Tuesday night, I thought it was weird as he lives 7.5 hours away!!  Anyway, turns out he was almost to our place....surprise!!!!!!!!!  He had meetings in Calgary Thursday and Friday so came here Tuesday, Wednesday then went to Calgary and came back Friday and left for home Sunday.  A nice surprise but not long enough to get him repurposing trunks!!!  We did go antiquing on Wednesday and I found another old window. :-).  Totally wore the old guy out!! ;-)
Yep, he was snoring!!!!  But grand-dog Zoey loves him!!

Saturday night some neighbors came over and we broke in our new firepit.  Always lots of laughs, it was a fun night and the weather was perfect.....I sat for a bit in the quiet after everyone left.

Hubby was home last week too.  With company, the week went very fast!  This week I'm soooooo excited about a visit from my friend Kim!!!!!!  She is coming on Thursday and I can't wait!  Our plan is to sew......I wonder!  And silly me, I'm starting my diet tomorrow......

I think I'm ready!!  I've already warned Kim....I told her she will be my distraction!

I got some pretty flowers from my neighbor today as they were leaving on a Europe trip!  She dropped off their itinerary!  Looks interesting!!!!

Today was hot.....and it's to get hotter!  

Enjoying the ceiling fan again!!!!!!!  Summer is not over yet even though some leaves are changing color!!!!  Whoo hoo!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Our fine town council decided they are going to allow citizens of the town to have bees and chickens.  I voted "no" to both but apparently we were out numbered by the few who did cast their votes.  A couple of my neighbors were outraged and disgusted and it was the topic of conversation most of the time we got together.....still is but now we joke about it!  No one on our street will get them I'm sure so we have nothing to worry about.  When my cousin, from Ontario, posted a picture of beautiful rooster pillow on Facebook that she bought at Michael's yesterday, with a 40% off coupon I knew I needed one.  First off because it is gorgeous and goes well in our house and now I think of her when I look at it (sorry Jen....I hope it's okay to copy you!!) but also because I knew my neighbors would get a kick out of it!!
My picture doesn't do it justice....the colors are very rich!
So I spent some time (and $!!!) at Michael's yesterday, went to Winners and used up more of my gift card from Christmas, then Shoppers to look for magazines.  Well, I did well with the magazines and once home I put stuff away, grabbed a cooler and sat out in the back to read!

It was another hot day!  It cooled off a lot during the night and I was actually cold this morning.  
This is a picture from Daughter2 of where they are at.  She said yesterday was 35!!  Looks beautiful!

She will have a great time this week especially if the weather stays nice!

Hubby is home tomorrow night so I should accomplish something today......we will see!  Dog days of summer!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's August First....What?????

Okay, I had a hard time this morning flipping the calendar page to August (although I do love a new calendar page!). August!  Wow!  Seems like yesterday school was getting out and we had two full months of happiness ahead!  Well, we still have a month.....gotta make the best of it!  Tee hee!

Look who came to play yesterday!  He was so excited to be here.....but I forgot how noisy he is!!!!!  He was happy to see his Mom when she was done work and came to pick him up though!
  The watch dogs!  

It was so nice yesterday and it's to be gorgeous again today!  Daughter2 was off to go camping in BC.  Here she is, just one of the boys (and I know this not only because of the ball cap but because she didn't worry about putting much if any make up on before they came!  *wink).  They did get everything in the little car!!!  She text to say they arrived safely!  More kids are arriving today. Have fun!!!!!

I popped over to a neighbors for an after-work-for-her drink and ended up staying for supper.....I forgot how delicious bbqd steaks are.........Friday's are one of our watering nights so when I got home I watered the was a beautiful evening/night.  The full moon was spectacular......I even actually slept quite well.  What will today bring????  More relaxing but first vacuuming!  LOL. Damn animals!!!!! 😉