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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cleaning Day

I have to break down and clean this house....when Hubby is home cleaning takes a back seat and since my Roomba died a slow painful death I should vacuum every other day at least.  That doesn't happen when Hubby is home.  I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee when a nice fluff ball of cat hair floats in the air, having caught flight on the breeze created by the ceiling fan!  House cleaning can no longer be avoided.  We had a nice storm with rain through the night but it meant windows were closed, which in turn means a warm house this morning. I quickly opened them all but the sun is now coming around so they will have to be closed.....and I will sweat.  More storms in the forecast....and back up to 32 on Friday!!!!  Picture shoveling snow, cold cars, blizzards and, and, and............I'm thankful for the heat and sunshine............

Can you believe these two are brother and sister?  The big, fluffy black one is the hair problem!

Oh, does anyone have suggestions for how to keep magpies away?  We seem to have a flock of them squawking around our area.  I'm not a great aim with the BB gun so other suggestions would be appreciated (I'm also thinking that would be frowned upon!)

Off I go to sweat with the oldies!!!  (Meaning ME!) LOLOLOL!!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

And We're Back!!

In my last post I mentioned I had gone to an estate are some of my finds.....nothing exciting but it was a fun day!  Missing from the picture is a vintage apron which was in the laundry:
The roaster is tiny, the swizzle sticks are neat (look at those tiny whistles!!) and that click the button on the side and a staple remover slides out!  I know, small things amuse me!  LOL

It's been scorching hot here the last week.  Today it rained and was overcast but humid....still a nice reprieve from the heat!  Hubby was home and last night we drove, in the air conditioned truck, to Nanton for an ice cream!!

See him licking his lips!!  Hahaha!

I am officially on summer vacation and have a long list of things I need to get accomplished.  Mostly stuff around the house and I am going to try and get on those tasks sooner rather then later!  I have changed my Quilters Garage Sale to the 11th of July.  Hope I can get rid of that mountain of quilty 
goodness (and put some $ in my pocket since summer vacation means no pay cheque for me!)
Of course I have to fit in a lot of stitching.  These guys have been ready to go for over a week and not one stitch has been sewn!

Ahhhh flowers.  I love alstroemerias.  I just threw these out today and they were at least three weeks old!

I have mostly perennials in my gardens...these were from the grocery store.  I am thinking of adding some annuals to my flowerbeds in the back yard.  Maybe later this's to get HOT again by Friday!!!

Night time cold medication is kicking in and my eyes are drooping.....until next time!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crafting and Saleing! (Is that a word?)

Today was an awesome day!  I went with my friend Mavis, whom I worked with at the quilt shop, to Priddis and the Vintage With Flair sale.  It was sunny but not hot.  I bought a few things there and then we went into Calgary to Out of Hand!  We left and decided why it was named that....was it because you buy things there (it's a quilt shop) to make with your hands or is it because it's a mess?!?!?!  Bolts of fabric stacked high on top of each other; other bolts stacked in front of bolts you can't see!  But they have unique things there and if you look (and even if you don't) you can find treasures!!!!!  I came out of there with some wool pieces and a magazine.  Then we were going to go find someplace to eat but saw an estate sale sign and off we went!  Found some treasures there too!  Odds and sods.....I'll take pictures tomorrow.  I never thought to take any pictures at the sale or quilt shop!!!  I did take a pic of my lunch at Tim Hortons! LOL

Remember the photo collage I made my dad for his birthday?  Well, he framed it and it looks really good now!!

My friend Sue had a birthday yesterday and I painted her a set of the season blocks.  They were fun to make and I must make myself a set!!

It's the last week of work until summer vacation.  I have really enjoyed the past 4 months and hope I can return to the school in the fall.  Our principal is leaving and going to a different school but one of my neighbors is now the new principal so that is sooooooo neat!!!!!  The week will be filled with crazy end of the year parties and classroom cleaning and trying to keep the kids calm!  Fun times!!!!!!!

Hubby is home this Monday night already so this week will fly by!  I'm hoping to have my purging sale possibly the 4th of July then maybe head north and try to sell whatever is leftover up there and have a visit the following week but we will see.  I will get up there one of these days through the summer.

Fathers Day Dad is in Vancouver with my youngest brother so I'm sure he's having a great time!  I will try calling him and see if I can reach him.  I haven't made anything for him yet but I have a bit of time........:-)

My pillow is calling to me and I hear the rain coming down again out there so here's to a nice restful sleep!  I need it!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Monday, June 8, 2015

No More Teenagers!

Haha. Wish it were that easy...and all the teenage drama and worry went away once all the kids were 20+.  Our baby, Daughter2, turned 20 yesterday.  When every birthday comes I relive the day, labor, delivery in my mind.  Two decades ago I delivered our last baby.......wild!  She had a weekend of parties and then a quiet actual birthday with her family...we took her to the new Longview Steakhouse.  The view there is beautiful now and the food delicious...still!  Here's is my entre:
There are a few veggies under the meat but they aren't that necessary because you have THE steak!!  Melt in your mouth goodness!  I forgot to take a picture of dessert...a spice apple pie.  Mmmmmm.  We got home and Hubby and I went for a walk!!!!  Here are our beautiful girls at the steakhouse:

Our boys didn't come down for the weekend.  They had lots of plans in Edmonton I guess.  
Before Daughter2s birthday is my Dad's birthday on the 4th.  This year he turned 74 and was busy running to meetings then a convention in Edmonton.  He is very difficult to find gifts for...he needs nothing, he has a lot of stuff so I made him a collage.  It was fun finding the pictures, new and old, to print off and then use.  

He liked it...said it brought back lots of memories and I know some were sad.  There are a lot of pictures of both my Mom and Dad.  But that's what life is all about right??  Memories.

Up north at our old place I had two big peony plants.  I loved those flowers, ants and all.  Yesterday I was at a Safeway and lo and behold, in their flower department, they had bunches of peonies...without the ants!!!!!  Two bunches came home with me and I smell them every time I go by the them!  I do have two plants planted here but they might be another year or two before they produce the flowers.  I'll enjoy the cut ones when I can find them!
I caught the sun shining in on them this morning.  Oh it was a scorcher of a day!  31C at least!  This evening the wind picked up and kind of cooled things down but windows are open tonight and it's been great!  I can hear the frogs outside.....kind of like living back out in the country!

Three more weeks of work then summer vacation!!!!  I am looking forward to it.....lots of things on the to-do list as well as visits up north!  The dog days of summer!!!!