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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Feeling Lazy!

So my week is going by quickly, as per usual, and I am not getting anything crossed off my to-do list!  That must change!!!!  Today I did do some cleaning and re-decorated my entryway.  I think it looks better in person!
I also think it is much more warm and inviting compared to the other stuff I had there.  Anyway, I like it.....I look at it every day so I guess that's all that matters!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I'm excited for Farm Girl Vintage to start on Friday.  I have no expectations of "keeping up" and will make 6" blocks to go in the centre of barns but my sewing room is a bit of a mess so I should get at cleaning that up beforehand.  I should also be getting ready for the BIG purge!!!!!  I am (hoping) to purge over half of my quilting stuff and then sell it by hosting a Quilters Garage Sale!  Oh I hope I can do it!!!!!!!!  I should decide on a I have something to aim for.  My only problem is finding a place, and boxes, to store the stuff before the sale!  

Tomorrow is a family dance at the school where I work and I will be dancing with the junior kindergarteners.  They are the first number so I will be able to get in and out of there quickly!!  Then a long weekend! I am looking forward to that and getting some things done around here.  

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Out With The Old!

Hubby has come home and gone back up to work.  I never really accomplish much when he's here but we did do some yard work and replace the washer and dryer.  My washing machine stopped working AGAIN and even though a new set really wasn't in the budget, it will give me peace of mind.  We use the washing machine and dryer a lot.  I sure miss my clothesline and we aren't allowed to have one here.  I wouldn't want my laundry hanging out where everyone walking by on the trail would see it anyway or have it blowing into the neighbors yards on a windy day!!!!  Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!  So last week when Son2 and Hubby were here we replaced those appliances.

                                                                 Out with the old:

In with the new:
My new babies!!!!!

We also watched hockey every night!  I'm a Calgary Flames fan and these two Habs fans were watching intently the game before the last!  Both teams are advancing...whoo hoo!

While watching these games I needed to get my hands busy and have continued on with my hooking....slow and steady!

A short week at work this week.....a PD on Friday we E.As do not attend.  Woot woot!  I will be busy....oh the to-do list is a long one!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

And Here We Go.....

Just meaning here's the start of a new week.  Hubby is home tomorrow night, Daughter2 has the first final exam (and no voice!!), my washing machine is on the fritz again and I'm off to work in the morning.  Another weekend that went by quickly!!  Hmmmm did I accomplish anything?  Not really. Tidied a bit in the sewing room today but didn't turn anything on to use.

This weeks to-do list is a long one since I have help! I think the weather is to be nice so yard work is a must.  I'm hoping we can get windows washed too.....Hubby does the outside and I do the inside. They are horrible right now!!!!!! Fingers crossed we can get a new washer and dryer!  The signal light on my 4 Runner is only working on and off since I had the bumper replaced....I haven't taken it back....hoping that can be on Hubby's list!  This week will fly by too!

Here's my Grand-dog. She had to have a shave as she had some "sensitive" mats.  She's usually a big fluff ball!  I think she looks so cute!!!! (And a bit angry in this picture!!!  Lol!!)

Well, it's bed time!  Fingers crossed for a week of smooth sailing!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Yummy with a Capital "Y"!

Have you ever figured out that when you're tracking a parcel from the States and it is taking a lonnnng time getting through customs that you're likely to be paying something when it comes into the post office???  Yep, that was me this week!  I was waiting on the fat quarters for my Farm Girl Vintage sew along.....and I got dinged!  Not much but with shipping, the exchange and now GST it was an expensive pack of fat quarters.....but.......YUMMY!!!!!!!!  I forgot all about the cost when I took them out of the box!


I really don't want to take them out of the plastic....I want to put them somewhere and admire them! They are collection that Lori Holz, the author of the book, put together to use with her book, from various fabric lines and collections and they add up to a big pile of deliciousness!!!!!!!! 
 I love them....can you tell?????

Something else I love is the quilt I got back from my friend Kim the longarmer.  I loved this quilt top when I sent it and now that it's quilted I love it even more.  I apologize for the awful pictures!!!!  I need someplace where I can hang or lay it that isn't full of dog/cat hair......or two people to hold it up.  Anyway, here it is:

All finished, binding and everything!  Plain white flannel is on the back.  
I haven't got a plan for it.....yet!  

Not sure what the upcoming weekend plans are.  Tomorrow the weather forecast is kind of yucky....a great sewing day!  I think the girls and I might go to a cat show on Sunday in Calgary!  Lol. Maybe I could take the two we have....just sneak them in and drop them off!  Darn it....Daughter2 is going and they are her cats!  I likely wouldn't be able to get away with it!  Hubby is home next week!  Our 27th anniversary was yesterday....we will go out to celebrate sometime in the week.  Gosh, that week will likely fly by.....we have some yard work to do.....then soon it will be May!  Yikes.!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Back To Work!

Work was great today....all the kids were quite wiggly but hey, they just had a week off too!  They are so cute!  Gosh!  I'm hoping tomorrow my little guy hasn't had a set back and there are no tears!  With this job I am to do a personal growth plan....which is due on Wednesday!  I had full intentions of doing it last week...but.....and I should have started it today but........I went up to my sewing room instead!

1.  Small project that needed binding!  I'm sure I posted it many months ago!  Binding took moments to do!

I get those little kits each month for projects in a book called Small Treasures From Scraps.  This was the first one.....I have 11 in more to receive. I'm way behind!!!  

2.  One of the two quilts I need to get the borders on.  This was an easy peasy Missouri Star Quilt  Company quilt pattern using a layer cake.  

No surprise as to how my stuff gets pet hair on them eh???
Good to get these finishes!!!!  One more to to go for borders and I love this next quilt but I think there are three borders......and I must get my 'chores' done first!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Got Her Done!

The queen sized quilt is done and on a bed in our spare bedroom.  The pattern is Wicked Easy...and they sure are!

It's been crazy windy here the past few days...I think it's province wide.  We even had white caps on the 'lake'!

My neighbor Deb made me a pillow......a belated Christmas gift....she was waiting on the pattern...a huge mix-up!  I love it!!!!

Okay, it's LATE for me and I have work tomorrow!!!!!  Going to be good to get back into a routine!,

The Week Is Over

In my last post I mentioned how I thought my book was arriving for the sew along.....well, it did arrive along with a free pattern, which is adorable too!!!!!!!  Eeeek!!!!  They are amazing!

In her blog quite awhile ago, Lori was making barn a week I think, and I remember thinking "I'll just remember the instruction are on her blog".  Well, I didn't and I LoVe barns and guess what is included in the book??????  I was so happy because I had forgotten about them!!!!!  This book is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of ideas!

I also mentioned in my last post that I was meeting with my friend Peggy who was from my home town but moved to Ontario a long time ago.  Peggy was a member of our quilt guild and just a sweet lady.  Friday I drove into Calgary to meet her at her daughters house and she fed me egg salad sandwiches and we had the best chin wagging!!  Her hugs are the best squeezy ones which I love!!!!!

Here's our attempt at a selfie!  LOL!

That night I realized I only had two days left of my 'vacation' and I had chores to do and I also wanted to get in some sewing since I had accomplished nothing all week.  With a ton of new projects I'd like to start I told myself I had to work on binding three quilts that my friend Kim had quilted a long, long time ago.  The quilts were taking up valuable space in my sewing room so yesterday I completely finished two and have a queen sized half finished (two I did completely by machine and the queen sized one I'm hand stitching down the back).  Here are the completed ones:
A baby boy quilt backed with minky.  I used the Susie's Magic binding technique on this and loved it....a lot of prep work but I didn't have to worry about missing the binding when I stitched it down.

My Little Birdies Stitchery quilt.....started in 2011!!!!!

I WILL finish the other one today in between chores (laundry, grocery shopping,vacuuming, etc).
It was a great week full of some great visits and I'm sad it's over but getting back to routine will be good for me.....looking forward to seeing my little 'students' again too! My neighbor Deb, who is a vice principal at a school just outside of High River, told me last night that the time from now until June just flies by!!!!  I guess we will see!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter is Hippity Hoppity Gone!

Another Easter has come and gone.  All but Daughter2 were here.  We had a yummy supper, the Easter Bunny came, and we did lots of visiting.  My purchased tulips were beautiful:
I love spring flowers
 Remember in my last post telling you I had met my good friend Kim in Cochrane?  Here are my purchases from the quilt shop.  Nothing exciting....the hockey fabric is for a pillowcase and I've already made dishcloths from the skein of yarn.  The rest is "just because" fabric!

I had another great visit from a friend from up north Judy.  Judy came Monday and stayed overnight before heading off to Edmonton to meet some friends she roomed with in college.  Anyway, we stayed up late just chatting and it was wonderful!!  On Friday I'm meeting with another lovely friend from Ontario who used to live in my hometown up north.  I cannot wait!!!!!!!  It's been a long time since I've seen her in person!  So looking forward to spending the day with her.  I love when friends make time for visits especially when they are in the area.  I know it can sometimes be tough fitting it in but to me it shows they really care.

I was talking to Sue about my old studio when we lived up north.  I went to the computer and found some old pictures.  I miss that place.....but I don't miss how it wasn't in the house....yet that's what made it special.  Here is what it looked like outside.....almost like a cute little cottage.

Did you notice the "button" on my sidebar.  The Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along?  I'm waiting for Lori's book to arrive and I also ordered the fat quarter pack!  I'm deciding whether I will make a whole quilt or each block (or several) and quilt them individually like little wallhangings.  I have a feeling the book will be here tomorrow....fingers crossed!!!!!  When you go to her blog, find the pictures of her house or at least sewing room!  Love the opposite of my decor!!!  Fun!!!

It's late again and I have some shopping to do tomorrow.....not for anything and cat food.  Stuff like that!  I sat in my sewing room a lot today but didn't sew a stitch!  I think I made a plan though so here's hoping!!

Until next time........