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Monday, September 29, 2014

The End of September

September is almost done and gone for another year.  October, November, December.....then another year has passed.........yikes!  Christmas will be here soon!!!!!  We will get through Thanksgiving then it will be full speed ahead for Christmas preparation!!!!!  This book will help.  I LOVE Gooseberry Patch books and lost so many in the flood!  This is a newly released one and it's great like the others! I'm starting to replace some of the cookbooks but miss the ones with traditions and decorating and gift ideas.  Oh well.....there's always Pinterest!

This past weekend here in HR was a busy one!  There were Art and Culture Days (I went to a small quilt show at the church), the hot air balloon races and yesterday the car show.  I absolutely love the hot air balloons!!!!  They took off seemingly close to our place and the first morning flew right over.  I managed to get a picture of quite a few of them together although there were many more!
The weather didn't totally cooperate though and there were a couple of flights cancelled because of it.  I sure hope they are back next year!!

While sitting in my sewing room this weekend I realized I really do need a comfy chair in Sue has in hers. We had this old one in our bedroom not being used and after moving a couple of things around, I managed to fit it in without it seeming too crowded.  I have a perfect view of the tv and the heat from the fireplace will still reach me or a friend if I have company!!

Hubby has gone back up north for work so it's the start of my to-do list!  Sewing is on the list this week......should be fun starting my Farmers Wife blocks....10 of which should be done by this weekend!!!!!  Yikes!  Hope to post some pictures of the finished blocks soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yesterday was my 51st birthday.  I had a FANTASTIC day!!!!!!!!  Friday night Son1 and his girlfriend arrived from St Albert.  Saturday morning, my next door neighbor took me to the Historic House Tour right here in HR!  It was so great!!!!!  We toured 8 houses, one church and the theatre.  Then we shopped at the clothing store here in town.  Maureen was off to a party in the afternoon so we wrapped up Phase One of birthday 2014!  Hahaha!!  Got home and had a little sit down and then my friend Sue popped over with a gifty for me and a quick visit!  Sue was very busy this weekend....she has a huge yard and garden and was doing some fall clean up (as well as some post flood clean up). She's been rearranging her sewing room too and I know she will be done soon!  Did some make up touch ups and changed my clothes and Son1, Daughter1, Jenna and I headed off to Calgary for Phase 2; a great restaurant with yummy food!  I had some ribs!

Then Daughter1 and I shared an Apple Nirvana (I think!). It was delicious!!

Me and my girl (well, one of them! Daughter2 had a hockey game)

After supper the four of us were headed here:

It was a great show!!!!!!

So today we headed off to brunch (I think after 51 years a birthday should last all weekend!) and 
stopped in at a couple of my favorite stores in Okotoks.  Once Son1 and Jenna left I decorated my mantle:

I think this is it...Fall Mantle 2014

Just before we had supper, my friend Deb came over with a gift and had a short visit.  Deb was busy this weekend and had just got home.  We will have to share the wine she bought me one of these days!  We vowed to get back walking this week too!!

So now I'm off to bed because reality returns tomorrow and I have a house to clean and bedding to wash.  Hubby is home tomorrow night!! Woot woot!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hot September Day!

Today was a scorcher!  Well, 26C but it felt even hotter then that!  No breeze, beautiful blue skies, sunshine....ahhhhh!  So what do I do?  Well, I had two items remaining on my to-do list.  Wash the inside of my windows and decorate my mantle for fall.  Windows were done first. Check! Once I haul out my fall decorations I might as well decorate everything...and decorate I did.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures yet.  My mantle feels unfinished....I'm looking for something else to go on it...something tall.  I'm not sure yet but I will be sure to post a picture when it's done.  The main floor of this house is fall-i-fide!!!  So on a HOT September day I decorate for fall and I make stew and dumplings for supper.  It was quite delicious if I say so myself!!!!!  Strange activities on a hot day but I'm happy to say my to-do list is finished for this week!  I have tomorrow all to myself!

Tonight I went to my friend Sue's home for a night of stitching...and chatting....lots and lots of chatting!  And delicious coffee!  (Might have to get me a percolator, Sue!). I did manage to start my stitching on my September Bitty Banner.  I'll try and get it done soon...before I receive Octobers!   Sue worked on finishing the fourth patchwork dress she is making for her granddaughters.  They are adorable!!!!!  Gosh, I can't even make pj pants for Daughter2!!

I did do some sewing yesterday.  Four more fall placemats (using a different leaf fabric then the earlier ones) and 8 Christmas cupcake placemats (picture shows one).  I really love this pattern but now I have to get them quilted!

I received some squishy mail today!  A mystery quilt kit from Craftsy!  It starts in more project added to the list!

Off to dream about quilting fairies coming in the night to sew up all my projects!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Good Golly Time Flies!!

The middle of September today.  Good golly time flies!!!!!!!!  I do love this time of year...unfortunately it doesn't last long before Old Man Winter comes and overstays his welcome!!!!  The sun has returned, the snow is all gone but the mornings are frosty!  Typical for this time of the year.

I didn't seem to accomplish much last week so have made a to-do list for this week.  I did cross one thing off the list yesterday....a magazine purge!  No, not quilting magazines, the other ones I'm addicted to!  Decorating ones!  I still kept a stack I want to read and will flip through them quickly so I can pass them on too.  *sigh*. I try to convince myself I'm not a hoarder!!!!!!!!!!

On the list is sewing....placemats!  I started with this set:

I have four more fall ones (different leaf fabric) and eight Christmas ones (cupcakes!!) cut out ready to sew.  They are so quick and easy!!!! Quilting is a flip and turn so no binding which I love!  That's the fun item on my to-do list!
Son1 and Jenna are coming down this weekend to help me celebrate my birthday.  My neighbor is taking me on a historic house tour during the day and then I have tickets to Seinfeld at night!  Wish Son2 was here to go to that too.  He's the Seinfeld fan!!  It should be a great show and I'm so happy they are coming down!!!!!

But for now, I have things to do and places to go so I'd best get at it!!!!!!!  Happy Week All!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

White Stuff

Yes, we had snow today...September 8th...crazy!  I know it won't stay so I'm not freaking out about it....but darn it...what a mess...and it's cold!  Remember how beautiful it was yesterday:

This was this morning....raining!

And then this (taken late afternoon...there's more now):

Crazy beans!!!!!!!!!!  So what would any crafter/sewer/quilter do?  Create!!!  I made 47 pee pee tee pees!!!!!!  I sell them in my favorite store up north.  (you use them when changing diapers on a baby boy to avoid a 'golden shower'!)
Boring to make but I turned the fireplace on, found HGTV on the television and sewed away!!!!  Tomorrow I hope to continue sewing because with this weather, it's the perfect thing to do!!!!! Of course there are three million other things I could/should be doing.......but they can wait!  ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello Stranger!

Well...over a week since my last post.  Ooooops!  Where did that week go?  Again, time flies when you're having fun!?

The week went quickly.  The weekend was full of family!  All my babies were home!!!!!!  Sunday Hubby came home and brought my dad and Sunday morning we moved Daughter2 to her new 'home' for the school year.  Part of her room being packed up at home:

Her new room:

She's been there a week and apparently she is all unpacked and organized.  A full week of classes this week coming up!
Some sister bonding before the move:

Here she is just wanting us to leave!!!

When my Dad is here he goes antiquing.  I went with him one day and came home with an embroidered tea towel and a Dick and Jane book!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!!!!!  It is to change tomorrow......and the "s" word was mentioned for this week!  It's September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought I'd take a picture of "today" 

And because fall is around the corner (we had better have fall and not just jump into winter!!!!!) I really, really have to limit my consumption of these:

I cannot gain anymore weight!!!!!!!  The opposite has to start tomorrow is the start of tracking.  :-#  My lifelong battle.......