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Friday, August 29, 2014

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep tonight.  I'm reminded of this night three years ago when I sat in a palliative care room at the hospital listening to my Moms labored breathing.  I tried to sleep but got up to suction her throat when the gurgles got worse.  Sorry, not the post you likely want to read about.  I wonder when or if this day gets easier.  I keep thinking it will but it hasn't yet and I work today.....I hope it helps.

Yesterday would have been my Grandpa Matthews' birthday.  He used to come out and help my dad with bees every summer.  He loved liver and onions and his beer.  I miss him.

Sorry for being a Debbie's just kind of a sad day and it's only just after midnight.  A weekend of mixed boys will be here later today!  Son1 and his girlfriend will arrive later tonight.  Son2 might arrive this afternoon.  Hubby will be here on Sunday and my Dad might come with him for the week.  So that's all happy!  Daughter2 will be moving to residence on Sunday.  At least she's not too far away and I know she's ready and excited so that makes me happy.  And Daughter1 sold her old car last night for what she was asking!!!  She's happy about that!!!!!

I just miss this beautiful soul:
I know you are healthy and happy and surrounded by your many dogs that passed before and after you.  You'll need a big chair to fit them all.  I love you Mom...and miss you with all my heart.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Girl Power!!

First off before I tell you all about my I-can-do-it adventures I want to show you another little project I whipped up yesterday with the leftovers from Sundays quilt top.  I was sewing as I went and maybe would have rearranged the blocks differently but it's done and I like it.

Love the top and bottom border from the panel.  Cute!
Yesterday I went to the quilt shop as Francois had only partially assembled the table to make it easier to transport.  We put it in my vehicle and the girls and I hauled the pieces up to my sewing room and I continued to assemble it.  Here are pictures of it closed, half opened (one side) and all the way open 
(both sides up)

It will most likely remain closed until I need it otherwise I can see it being a nice big dumping ground for stuff!!!!
Yesterday I also put the tv and receiver from Amy's room up into my sewing room.  There are connections above the fireplace.  Well I couldn't figure out which cord was for that connection.....until this morning!!!!!  I figured it!  I still had to call Telus as I had no channels available on the guide but she assured me it will be working within the hour....which should be soon.  Yay me!  Lol

Work tomorrow, Friday and Saturday so must enjoy this afternoon getting my nails done and taking two dogs to the vet for boosters.  Fun, fun!  Maybe some sewing later since Daughter2 is making supper again!!  Salmon.....yummmmmmm.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sew Done!

Yesterday after a slow start, I hit the sewing room.  Actually in the morning I did quilt then bind the owl quilt for my Live Simply frame.  That was a quick finish!  Now to find a place to hang the frame.

After lunch I told myself to get back at it but I wasn't sure what to work on....I have so many options! This quilt is made from a panel, jelly roll and border fabric.  All came from the store but we don't have the pattern yet.  I got that from The Fat Quarter Shop.  It was a quick and easy project and I really like it!

The border fabric has snowmen all over it.  It's not a very good picture but at 10 pm the lighting isn't the greatest.

Because yesterday was "play" I thought I'd better "work" today.  I walked with Deb, cleaned the house, cut some of Daisy's hair(she's a mess!!) then mowed the lawn.  Then I had a nice, cool shower!!!!!  I was in my pjs before supper!!!!!  Deb just came for a visit but she doesn't care if I'm in my pjs!!  LOL!!!  Now I'm back to relaxing!!!!!!  I'll be hoping the washing machine part came in and the repair guy is able to put it in tomorrow.
My cutting table didn't get put together here today so I'm enlisting Debs son and his friend to go with me to pick it up tomorrow after supper.  I'm hoping it will be put together by then as Francois started putting it together this afternoon at the store.  I will be sure to take pictures of my sewing room when it's in there.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Peace and Quiet

A quiet Saturday.  It's cloudy, warm and very quiet in the 'hood.  I've had a few visitors neighbor Maureen brought me maple syrup she got in Quebec;neighbor Deb came for coffee before heading to Calgary to her daughters, and neighbor Pat brought me some cool silk floss from a friend who is cleaning out her house for a move.  These were her mothers.  I put them in a BIG jar....I just love them!

I was talking to my Dad on the phone the other day and he said he had come across a couple of pastel drawings my Mom had made of my brother and I.  He took pictures of them on his cell phone and sent them to me and I recognize them from school pictures.  Personally I think my mother was a 
pretty talented woman.  (I sure miss her.........). Here are the pictures she drew. 

I will be sure to get copies made.

I spent the day rearranging my sewing room to get ready for the new cutting table I got.  Hopefully it will arrive and be put together Monday.  I got it from the shop and Lucie gave me a very good deal.  Francois will come and put it together for me although I'm tempted to get it myself tomorrow.....I'm sure I could put it together....I put an L-shaped desk together before.  I'll try to be patient......I can still sew in there which is likely what I should be doing peace and quiet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sittin' and Stitchin'

Already Wednesday so I thought I should get some household chores done before going to work tomorrow and Friday!!  Floors are cleaned and the duster was swished around the house.  All of this should have been done Monday but instead I was sittin' and stitchin'!!  The weather has been beautiful again this week ( read that as meaning it's still been hot!!) so I will do a mundane task first thing in the morning then sit with my stitching (spell check does not like my abbreviations!!!  Lol). Monday, off to recycling then sit and stitch.  Tuesday, mowed the lawn, hauled grass away then sit and stitch.  I do have three projects to show for my S&S!

First up is a mug mat I made for a Wooly Wednesday Club I hope to get going at the store.  This will be Septembers project....quick lickety split!

Next up is my August Itty Bitty Banner..remember the July one I had to make more Canadian?  I love this August one:

And last but not least, the Live Simply background piece that is framed with a barn wood frame I had my Dad make me when I was up north.  Now I have to stitch the mini quilts that go in that empty space.  They are wool too but not on burlap thank goodness!  I didn't really care for that process!

Always so many more projects to go around here!!!!!!  I should be doing the next block in the Words to Live By BOM from the store (way behind there!!!) and the August (&/or Sept) piece for this Live Simply......and then there are the sewing projects!!!!!!!!  I must make better use of my time and get more things done along side the household chores!!!!!  This morning I took Gordon to the vet.....he will be an "it" by now.  Poor thing!!!!  After dropping him off (love how Daughter1 makes ME the bad guy!!!) I got some groceries.....ribs are in the crock pot so supper is on the way too!  Productive day......but it's not over yet so off to the sewing room!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Neglected Blog

Yep, that's mine...very neglected.  It seems the days are going so quickly...what happened to the dog days of summer?????

So remember awhile back I was talking about maybe something coming that would change the way our lives were going....or something like that? Hahaha!  Well, here's the scoop.  Hubby was interested in a job back up in our home town.  They are getting a new hospital and he would work for the contractor who gets the job...steady pay for approximately 3 years and a living allowance.  We have the little house in town and the plan was that I would move there with him, our eldest daughter and her bf would live in our house here and the youngest daughter would be off at university living in residence.  Well, Hubby IS going to work up there but I will be staying here.  His shift will be two weeks on and one off and a contractor here he is working for has even more work lined up and would really like hubby to do the electrical for it so he will be home working here on his days off from up there!!!!  Daughter1 broke up with her bf and is living back here (with her dog Gordon!).  I'm actually happy to be staying here.....two weeks will fly by and we have such great neighbors that I'm sure if I needed some help while Hubby was up north someone around here could give me a hand.  We waited a long, long time to hear anything and get to this point!!!!!!!!  He starts this month, Daughter2 moves to residence the end of this month so it will be a month of huge changes!!!!!!!!!!!

The quilt shop I'm working at is organizing their classes for the fall and here is a project I finished and will teach in September.  We call it Seven Braids

The fabric line is a new one we got in called La Fete De Noel or something like that!  French General yumminess!!!!!!!  This picture does not show the true rich colors.  It was quick using a jelly roll.  I have so many projects I want to get done!!!  With Hubby gone I hope to sew, sew, sew.....and of course walk with my friend Deb!!!!!!!  
I've made a couple of very good friends over the last year here in HR.  I'm very thankful for them.😊